About Emma Rios

Spanish artist Emma Ríos started getting into the world of comics doing short stories for fanzines, books and, particularly, self-publishing her comic book series APB (A Prueba de Balas) [Bulletproof] through the collective known as Polaqia. Her wish to dedicate profesionally to comics allowed her to leave her work as an architect and work on comics full-time after receiving a job offer from Boom! Studios in 2008, Hexed, wich became her debut in the U.S. market. Meanwhile, in Spain, SM publishes a book called Amadís de Gaula, a Ricardo Gómez written adaptation of the cavarly novel of the same title, featuring pencils and color from Emma. Also, she is invited to a collaborative workshop in Japan called Lingua Comica.

Her first major work for Marvel Comics was the Dr. Strange limited series written by Mark Waid (Strange). Since then, she´s been working regularly at Marvel in such titles as Amazing Spider-Man, the Osborn miniseries written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Spider Island: Cloak and Dagger with Nick Spencer. Right now she is working in the Doctor Strange Season One Graphic novel with Greg Pak.

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